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    Feature Request - We really need an exclude file

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      William Lam,

      Hopefully you will see this.

      As far as I can tell, we can still pass an include list into GhettoVCB.sh to allow us to hand pick which VMDK files to backup.  However, this is a very error prone way of handling this if, like us, you run in an environment where backing up everything with GhettoVCB is the norm.  Still, we have found some systems where the size of a data drive doesn't lend itself well to falling in line for our GhettoVCB backups.  Ideally, I would like to be able to call out a specific VMDK to always skip.


      I've thought about writing a little script to dynamically create an include file that removes VMDKs that we want to exclude.  However it would be so much more useful, and likely sustainable, if your GhettoVCB.sh script allowed us to either point to an include file, or use a different flag to point to an exclude file.


      Is this something you have considered, ruled out, or perhaps have plans to get to?





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          Hi Jon,


          Apologies for the delay in response. I can certainly see arguments for both whitelisting (explicitly specify VMDK to backup) and blacklisting (explicitly specify VMDK to ignore). I don't recall the reasoning but probably due to feedback/demand, the "include list" was implemented. I don't have much cycles these days to keep up with the various requests for ghettoVCB, the code is 100% OSS on Github and folks have been adding their own contributions/features based on their requirements. You're more than welcome to implement and share that update on Github so that others can benefit.


          Best of luck