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    Transaction Monitoring vROPS

    santunez2275 Novice

      Hello Guys


      I have vROPS 7.5 and need monitoring transaction Database Oracle. I installed EPO in Linux OS (Red Hat) but need to know if is possible monitoring the transaction of Database trought script in vrops.


      Thanks for your help.





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          RickVerstegen Expert

          To achieve this you need to perform the following steps:

          1. Monitor the OS object. Go to Environment --> All Objects --> --> EPOPS Adapter --> Linux --> Name of the VM --> Actions --> Monitor OS Object.

          2.  Select "Script” in the Drop down options. You can fill in the path of the script that you want to run.

          3. After the setup is done you can go and check the Script Monitor you just created via Environment --> All Objects --> EPOPS Adapter --> Script --> Name of the script

          Then under all metrics you will find a utilization which contains the result value. You can create a view based on this result value for example.