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    vCSA 6.5 Backup Failed - required services are not up perfcharts

    ChooseFreewill Lurker

      I am working on upgrade from 6.5 to 6.7.


      I am having difficulty backing my 6.5 VCenter. I perform BACKUP from the vCenter Server Appliance page. I connect to an FTPs server per the GUI driven interface.


      After connecting i get an error ""Invalid vCenter Server Status: All required services are not up. Perfcharts"


      I tried starting the service with # Service-control --start vmware-perfcharts, and I get back "an error occured while starting service"


      I did some research and fond something which indicated that perfcharts requires IPv6 before it will start.


      From the vCenter Server Appliance I selected -> Networking ->enable IPv6 -> "obtain IPv6 settings automatically through router advertisement"


      This had no effect. I need some help troubleshooting this... my upgrade is stuck because I cannot get this backup completed.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.