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    Ram usage inside a VM is 2.5 Time More than Outside the VM

    SCA12345 Lurker

      Brand new install of esxi and vsphere.


      32 Cores - 64 Threads


      126GB of Ram


      Created a series of VM's running Win 10 x64 Pro


      Running a GUI database program.


      Importing of a given CSV data file into the windows based database program uses roughly 15.5GB of Ram (peak) when run on a windows desktop install, but ~40GB of Ram peak, when running on Win 10 VM inside esxi?


      Consistently these numbers


      Why is same windows program needing 2.5 time the amount of ram to perform the identical process inside esxi from outside?


      If I limit the Ram to ? 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 20Gb, 30Gb  - basically anything less than it "needs" as the upper watermark of Ram it uses, ~40GB, it crashes the program inside the win VM


      Appreciate your help.