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    "Preparing Windows" takes a long time...

    burgerking68 Novice

      Hello, under Windows 10 1909 it takes a long time to log in to our VDI environment (Horizon 7.8 with DEM 9.9) on all types of machines (persistent but also instant clone). It is striking that the user login remains at the point "Windows is being prepared" for a particularly long time. (Depending on the user, up to 60 seconds) However, if the same DEM user then logs on to a Windows 2019 server machine with DEM, the registration also goes very quickly under "Preparing Windows". Can someone tell me what the reason may be or which logs I have to evaluate in order to learn the things that are created in the "Preparing Windows" profile,?


      I would be grateful if someone could explain these performance problems between Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 as a VDI environment to me !? Thanks for that!

      Our environment:
      VMWare ESX 6.5 SP2, VMWare Horizon 7.8, DEM 9.9, PCoiP, Windows 10 1909 as guest machines