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    VMXNET3 adapters in Windows Server 2019 fail and require disable/re-enable to restore

    ianfuller Lurker


      We are currently building out a new environment with ESXi 6.7 and Windows Server 2019. We have noticed a strange issue where randomly servers will fail to respond. No ping, no RDP, other traffic works against the system. We are still able to access the VMRC console and log into the system from which we can see that we are unable to ping the local gateway or other resources. Otherwise the system and other systems appear perfectly fine. If we disable the windows NIC and then re-enable, the issue will go away.


      The NICs are VMXNET3, the VMware Tools are 10.3.10, build-12406962, the ESXi host is 6.7.0, 15018017.

      Normally I would try the E1000 NICs to see if it's a VMXNET3 driver issue but the environment is 10G and I have been told the E1000 don't support 10G.

      What could be causing this issue and how can we prevent it?