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    vRA Agent (Gugent) on RHEL/CentOS/OracleLinux 8.x

    KocPawel Hot Shot


      I tried to install vRA Agent (7.5) on operating systems:

      - CentOS

      - RHEL

      - Oracle Linux

      version: 8.1 (CentOS: 8.0)


      But I cannot install rpm.

      error: Failed dependencies:

           /usr/bin/python is nedded by gugent-t.5.0.-9915762.x84_64.rpm

      Of course I have installed python2, python3 and python36 packages.

      There is a symlink between /usr/bin/python -> python2 and python2 -> python2.7


      Does anyone know how to install gugent agent on such OS?

      Does upgrade to 7.6 will help?


      And yes, I know that 8.x versions are not officially supported.