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    VMware® Workstation 15 Player only connects to a few sites

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      I'm using VMware® Workstation 15 Player with XP. I have used the default network setup which is NAT. I'm using XP's Internet Explorer. It only connects to a few sites: e.g. it will connect to Microsoft.com and google.com but not  to VMware.com. I get "The page cannot be displayed". It did connect to VMware to download the tools though. As another example, I can search for "download chrome" and it gives me a list of links but when I click on a link I get the connection error.


      This is a fresh load of Workstation 15.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?





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          Nowadays for almost all websites SSL/TLS (https) is required.

          The techniques used for SSL at the time that Windows XP was not retired are no longer used or supported by most websites.


          In other words, your Windows XP lacks the ability to communicate with modern websites.

          Perhaps that Firefox long term support (ESR) works, but they also state Windows 7 as a minimum


          So probably that won't help either.


          Quite frankly Windows XP should under no circumstance be used to browse the internet.

          The operating system has a large number of vulnerabilities and connecting it to the internet is begging for trouble.




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