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    Xubuntu Host/Windows Guest fails to install

    roxyschram Lurker

      I've searched and searched and can't find an answer or related topic. I hope I didn't just miss it.


      So here is my issue...


      I have Xubuntu 19.10 installed on my computer and need to run VMs. I can run VirtualBox and QEMU with no issues but as there are graphical issues with VirtualBox's GUI when 2x scaling (running 4K monitors), I'd like to try using VMWare Workstation. VMWare installs with any errors but when I create a Windows VM, it gets as far as copying the files or "expanding" the files and stalls at 5%. I have tried and can reproduce this on Xubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 19.10 on a Lenovo P700 with (2) E5-2630v3, 48GB ram, an HP Z620 and Dell T5610 all similar specs. GTX 1060 or similar GPU. Regardless of the physical system, Linux host OS, I can't get past 5% on the Windows 7 or 10 install.


      Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions or insight?