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    Problem with OneDrive in Horizon 0x80070185

    Travis_83 Novice

      Hi all,


      We provisioned a link parent (windows 10 1903) using the optimisation tool (Horizon 7 platform). And the current image on the desktops has OneDrive sync errors like the (attached). We have App volumes setup.


      Has anyone run into this error on horizon desktops. This error only happens on the desktops, not other environments we've synced the team site in sharepoint etc.




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          mchadwick19 Hot Shot

          The optimization tool sets OneDrive related group policies like "Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage" by default. I'd check to make sure that this isn't configured, and verify that the registry keys for that policy aren't set either.

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            Poom22 Novice


            We made a fresh image and have now narrowed it down to being App volumes


            we just use Profile only template


            I wonder if any snapvol.cfg changes need to be made to make it work better


            Onedrive for us on Horizon linked clones has been a nightmare for a long time now, I wonder if anyone does use it like us with Appvolumes and linked clones


            Persistent disk is ok

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              mchadwick19 Hot Shot

              We are actually investigating OneDrive use in instant clones. You need to be very specific in your snapvol.cfg about what does and doesn't get captured and with OneDrive, that is fairly tough to do. I know some of us on the forum have gotten it to work, and you can probably get better info from the AppVolumes VMTN forum.


              I will say, that in my limited testing with FSlogix O365 containers that FSlogix can handle OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, etc. much better than an AppVolumes WV in it's current state.