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    Adding a custom property to a VROPS VM via REST API

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      I am using POSTMAN and I am trying to add a custom property to a certain virtual machine in VROPS via the REST API but I am getting an error 400. The response body says:


      failureMessage: "may not be empty"

      violationPath: "statContents"

      httpStatusCode: 400


      I have added a custom metric in the same fashion successfully, would anyone know why I am getting this error?


      I have verified my variable for the "VROPS_Server" and it is correct.  This was the same variable I used for the custom metric.


      Here is my url: {{VROPS_Server}}/suite-api/api/resources/2c8aad6f-add4-4ada-8c50-a836b9e1ba6e/stats


      Here is my JSON body:



        "property-content" : [


          "statKey": "CustomProps|Service1",

          "timestamps": [ {1576095828958 ],

          "values": [ "DOWN" ],

          "others" : [],

          "otherAttributes" : {}





      thanks in advance,