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    vSphere Replication in Two Site with 1 VCSA

    MinoDC Enthusiast

      Hi to all...

      could you solve my doubt ?


      • I've an infrastructure with 1 VCSA 6.7 and 3 host ESXi all licensed with Essential Plus license.
      • I've two site Site-A and Site-B .
      • In Site-A i've shared storage with 2 ESXi and 1 VCSA (all VMs are saved on shared storage).
      • In Site-B i've 1 ESXi host with local datastore


      If i install vRA (manager and server) in Site-A, can in replicate in Site-B my VMs in ESXi local datastore?

      If, YES.....in case of DR, how can bring up my replicated VMs, without VCSA?



      Thanks to all for any suggestions