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    Patching vSAN 6.7 clusters

    AutoEng Lurker

      Hi all,

      For those of you running vSAN 6.7, I am interested to hear about your upgrading and patching experience, i.e. installing monthly patch releases or upgrading from U1 to U3 for example.

      We use HPE servers (ReadyNodes). We make use of the HPE Custom ESXi ISO.

      I noticed that when I patch the hosts, for example from 6.7 U3 to EP13 (November 2019 patches), the network card driver is replaced by a newer version (newer VIB).

      This means its not officially supported as it doesn't match the HCL in terms of the correct firmware and driver combination.

      So how are you all working around this or handling this situation when installing the latest round of VMware bug / security fixes in a vSAN environment?