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    Records with problems with lost datastore connection

    b_aguirre Lurker

      Hi guys,

      I have the following problem with the vmware esxi 6.0 version, in the event viewer I have the messages


      Volume access lost 5bd84f9e-323a5e60-00b0-000af7e87034 (datastore1) due to connectivity issues.
      Recovery attempt in progress. The result is will inform shortly.
      12/09/2019 04:04:18 p.m.

      Volume access was restored successfully 5bd84f9e-323a5e60-00b0-000af7e87034 (datastore1) after the problems of connectivity

      12/09/2019 04:04:29 p.m.


      This message also appears for the datastore2 that the server has.


      The server has the following features
      Dell PowerEdge T440
      VMWare Esxi 6.0.0 5050593
      Datastore1 is a RAID5
      Datastore2 is a RAID1

      Some of you have had the same problem and why is it that the esxi shows those messages.


      I appreciate the help and information you can give me to understand why messages in esxi events


      Bryan A.