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    Some info about VIO

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      I am looking for some solution for VMware orchestration.  And I saw  OpenStack, try some HOL and I really think that can be a good solution for me. But my colleagues say that VIO is death story, that VMware will abend VIO, that VOI was popular but now they now future this product. General Openstack was popular and several other vendors had a solution with OpenStack but this day only huawei stay in that group.


      can anyone tell me is this try?

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          In addition to an awesome product, we have a growing customer base, long term commitments to/with existing customers and a solid roadmap, so I think it's fair to say that it's not true.

          Even as other vendors stumble, we remain committed to OpenStack and if you simply dont want to take my word for it, please take a look at our latest 6.0 release. It sports a shiny fully containerized OpenStack control plane and new and improved lifecycle management capabilities, along with a slew of other updates and enhancements. Not really an investment you'd see in a dying product.


          OpenStack of today has come a long way and when coupled with a modern containerized control plane, built on top of the proven VMware SDDC platform, you get an IaaS platform that works and has end to end backing from the leading virtualization software company in the world for piece of mind.


          If you want to know more, please reach out to your account team, or directly to me, and we can provide further details directly from the source!


          Henrik Blixt - VIO Product Management

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