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    (Mac/Fusion 11.5) How do I make "Full Screen" Fusion a regular window and not in a "Space"

    AlanTheBeast Novice

      On my previous setup (Fusion 7) I had the "full screen" Fusion as a window.  As such, my "side" display was happily showing whatever Mac apps that were there.


      Now, even though I have Fusion in a single window (main iMac display) my side display is black.  When working on Windows I _do_ need that side display with those essential apps - And I don't want Unity or Single Window view.


      Essentially: I can't find any setting to put Fusion into the same display Space as all other apps under Mac.


      I recall fixing this in Fusion 7 (years ago) but can't seem to find it now.

      Mac OS 10.14