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    Exported ovf from esxi 6.0, trying to import to esxi 6.0  Fails everytime

    chill Hot Shot

      We currently have esxi 6.0 servers in a different location (thousand miles away) with approx. 20+ vm's.  Using a VNC connection I was able to export the VM's onto an external drive and the vendor brought the drive onsite.  I'm trying to import  and am having no luck except with 4 of them.  4 imported fine.. the rest sometimes just blue screen when start up, don't import at all, I've tried the OVF tool and get no manifest file found, Wrong file size specified in OVF descriptor for 'disk-0.vmdk, disk-1.vmdk, disk-2.vmdk.


      I've tried every browser, Edge, Chrome, Firefox.


      I have mainly esxi 6.7 servers, but kept 2 esxi 6.0 hosts for this reason.  VCSA is 6.7.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.