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    vSphere Replication Error: The session is not authenticated

    Rayes Novice

      Hello Everyone,


      Good Day!


      Could you please assist me with the following:


      I have two vSphere 6.0 update 3 hosts with a vCenter 6.7 and i deployed a vSphere replication 8.2 in order to do a replication within same vCenter from datastore to another datastore.


      I start doing the replication with my VM which it has six VMDKs as follow:

      VMDK 1: 60Gb

      VMDK 2: 2050Gb

      VMDK 3: 145Gb

      VMDK 4: 315Gb

      VMDK 5: 42Gb

      VMDK 6: 63Gb


      The status of the replication stay in Configuring status & in tasks it shows that it create virtual disks, after complete creating the disks it end with an error saying The session is not authenticated.


      I tried to tested it on lite VM with single VMDK of 32Gb & it's work fine.


      Please help & thanks in advance.