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    vSan unable to get pass fault domain creation

    AlphaJin Lurker

      Greetings salutation,


      VSan newbie here.


      After conducting the hands on lab and attempting to implement it on my own, I ran into a problem where I am stuck at "Create fault domains". Clicking next does nothing, not even an error message.

      The 3 hosts are Dell R440 VSAN ready node.


      -Have attempted to reinstall EXSi on all hosts but to no avail.


      -Tried to create 3 separate fault domains for each host. Next is still unresponsive.



      Looking through existing threads, there was a user who managed to overcome this problem by tweaking with NVMe drives on bios but did not provide any further information. Honestly not even sure if its using NVMe driver either but figure it's worth highlighting just in case.

      vSAN configuration issue


      Here's hoping veterans have an idea what's going on. Thanks in advance !