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    Doco Generation

    Gr33nEye Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,


      Sorry if i am in the wrong section for this, I wasn’t sure where to post it.


      What I am hoping to get some guidance on is documentation and automatic generation of said docs. Something to create logical and physical mapping visio diagrams. Something that would generate useful diagrams and visualisations of vSphere environment.


      I’ve had a quick google, and came back with a bunch but allot look like they just do a straight config or object dump, without been really useful (ie. XI, Docusnap, netTerrain) . I don’t need a map of Guest VMs to the host.


      What i am after is something similar to Cloudcraft or Hava. Something that generates nice logical/ physical mapping diagrams.


      I did see Cloudockit, not sure how useful it would be.



      Any ideas, suggestions or is hours of visio still the only way to get nice docs?


      Thank you.