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    Unable to connect to my ESX server

    si18665 Lurker

      Hello All,


      I am new and my knowledge of VSphere is almost zero.


      I have completed the installation and see the ESX console which shows the http://FQDN/ui link, but my browser doesn't open it. It doesn't work with SSH to the public TCP-IP address too. Does the server have a pre-configured FW rules? Is the SSH access blocked? How do you connect to the server?


      Additional technical details which could be useful. I connect to the ESX server via a Windows 10 laptop, where VSphere client is installed. It doesn't work too. My laptop connects to the remote ESX server via a VPN which configure the TCP-IP address to 10.x.x.x whereas the ESX server is configured 80.79.x.x. Obsviously, the assigned laptop TCP-IP address is not within the same subnet of the ESX server, but the SSH with the previous CentOS installed before the ESX server was working with SSH without problem.


      Any idea why I can't connect?