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    Using vCD for Private Cloud

    chadc1979 Novice



      I run what I’d call a private cloud, I build out the VMs, install the required software and setup Horizon RDSH VMs to provide seamless access to the software running on the backend VMs.


      I have a dedicated tenant VXLAN, dedicated Resource Group all the VMs reside in per tenant.


      What I want to do is allow the tenant to see the VMs, reboot them, console access without having to RDP, maybe expand compute like CPU, Memory, and HDD but I’m not sure about that as it’s a managed service and we control VM resources and expand as required.


      So what I want to know is if I can use vCD to create a tenant, link the tenants Resource Group so they can see the backend VMs and get performance statistics, console access etc etc but deny the ability to change the VMs compute resources as above.


      Also for AD members for a tenant is it OU based, I’d love for them to be able to create their own users but I use a scheme like CompanyID_FirstInitialLastname## can that be scripted that they type first last and I pull that data and provide the username?