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    Unity: Workstation Pro 15 - unable to start & desktop goes black/unresponsive

    joejr Novice


      I can't successfully start Unity mode on my Workstation Pro 15 or VM Player 15.


      When I try to go into Unity Mode, I get an error:

      The virtual machine cannot enter Unity mode.  Check that Unity is supported for this guest operating system and that the latest version of VM Tools is installed.


      Once I get this error message, the desktop goes black and the only thing I can do is to select "restart Guest".


      I've tried:

      • removing VMware tools and reinstalling.
      • Repairing VMware tools
      • Verified that the Virtual Machine Settings | Options | Unity menu has all checkboxes checked.
      • Rebooting the Host OS
      • Rebooting the Guest OS


      I'm running a Windows Pro 10 Guest (created in VM workstation pro 12 and upgraded to VM workstation pro 15) on a system with three monitors.  I'm trying to get the unity to work on one of the external, Displayport connected 1080p Dell monitors.



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          hahakiki2010 Novice

          If below error reported, the problem is mostly in vmtools.


          Could u add following options in your vmx config file and attach the log after rerun?




          Pls let me know the folder name when you uploaded the log file. Thanks

          VMware ftp site:

          FTP Server: ftpsite.vmware.com

          User:   inbound

          Pwd:    inbound

          Port:   21



          BTW, may I know your VM HW version? If possible, could u change the HW version to HW 16 then have a try? Thanks.