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    Preparing of Migration to 6.5 U2

    keleinwe Lurker

      Hello Experts ,


      I have some questions about our Migration from 5.5 to 6.5 .we will replace  our virtuel datacenter equipements with new ones .


      our Vcenter 5.5  is in our old domain x.local and the new one will be in our new domain y.com.

      our ESXi 5.5 are not joined to the Domain .the authentication is locally and they use the DNS of our old domain x.local myloweslife


      before migrating to 6.5 with new Domain y.com , i would migrate our Vcenter 5.5 from x.local to y.com


      Could you tel me the steps please ? i'm afraid if there will an impact to our VMS




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            Hello Keleinwe,


            Changing the domain from x.local to y.com would be changing the FQDN of your vCenter Server host name. Example: vcenter.x.local to vcenter.y.com


            1. Take a backup and snaphot of the vCenter Server.

            2. Take a backup of vCenter Database.

            3. Follow the below KB article to change the vCenter Server hostname to the new domain name.

                 https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2146301- Please follow the steps mentioned in this KB article to change the hostname of vCenter Server. You need to change the hostname of vCenter and stop all vCenter Services mentioned below, then delete the certificates mentioned in the KB article and then uninstall the vCenter Server, reboot the vCenter server and reinstall the vCenter Server with the same version of the vCenter Server.


            To stop all the 5.5 vCenter Server


            VMware Certificate Service

            VMware Directory Service

            VMware Identity Management Service

            VMware Kdc Service

            VMware Single Sign-On STS Service


            VMware vCenter Inventory Service

            VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices

            VMware VirtualCenter Server

            VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service


            VMware vSphere Web Client Service

            VMware Log Browser




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              bewe Expert

              is your old vcenter 5.5 based on windows and you plan to migrate to the appliance ? then switch over to the new domain before  is unnecessary. just migrate vcenter to the appliance and then join the appliance to the domain.