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    VCSA HA fails over randomly and frequently

    KeirL Novice


      I'm in the process of setting up vCenter HA using VCSA 6.7 U3 running on a six node cluster using HPE Synergy.

      Prior to the VCSA HA config, the VCSA was running fine as a standalone appliance configured to use ELM to a second VCSA on a different site.


      The heartbeat network is configured to use an internal network within the Synergy frame and uses a different subnet and port-group to the management network. The VCSA active, passive and witness nodes are all on different ESXi hosts and use different datastores. The VCHA deployment is successful and all nodes come online as expected. I can initiate manual failovers which are successful - taking about 5 mins to complete.

      However, if just left enabled it will decide to failover to the passive node for what appears to be no valid reason - during this time I get PSC health alarms (it's an embedded PSC) and often get host connection and power state alerts. I believe these to be a result of the failover rather than the cause of the failover. If I select to disable the vCenter HA (using the edit button) or even set it into Maintenance mode then all is good, I get no erroneous failovers (obviously) but equally I also don't get any other alerts which would typically initiate a failover.


      I'm hoping that someone may have come across this before - it does seem to have got significantly worse since applying the latest 6.7U3 patches but was evident to a lesser extent prior to patching

      I also have a second identical environment that I've setup the VCHA in exactly the same way and this behaves in exactly the same way - so this must either by a bug or a configuration issue either within VMware or perhaps on the networking somehwere


      Perhaps someone can help with which log entries in the vpxd.log file I should look for that indicates the reason what VCHA has determined a failover is necessary.


      many thanks in advance