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    ESX 6.7 - "Cannot Synchronize Host"

    wabash2015 Lurker

      One of our ESXi hosts running version 6.7 keeps having a weekly issue where it will randomly lose contact to vSphere. The guest VMs are a basic domain controller, SQL server, and a couple of Citrix VDA servers as well as the VMware vCenter Server Appliance.


      It starts out showing that the domain controller's CPU is spiking and alerts in a red status, then shows each VM disconnecting 1-by-1, after which the host becomes unreachable. Errors stating "cannot synchronize host" and "Host [hostname] is not responding." I'm sure there's some issue with the domain controller randomly having it's CPU spike, but that shouldn't cause the rest of the VMs and the entire host to become unreachable.


      Typically the issue resolves itself after a few hours as it tends to happen around 3AM. The uptime on the host never indicates that it rebooted or shutdown.


      Has anyone else ran into this issue? Any assistance is appreciated.