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    disk extend operations fails (msg.disklib.NOSPACE) even though there is plenty of space on the datastore

    nthatte Lurker

      I am running ESXi 6.0.0 u3


      I was extending disks on two datastores and it kept failing with the following error: The disk extend operation failed: msg.disklib.NOSPACE


      I was logged into vSphere web and thick client trying to extend the disks and it was failing on both. I confirmed multiple times that the datastore had enough space and it showed it had plenty of space available. I ended up logging into the hosts directly that were hosting the VMs and I saw that hosts were not seeing the full size of the datastore. I had recently extending the datastore on my storage controller and increased the space on the LUN in vSphere. When I logged into the host directly, I saw that they were still seeing the old size. I refreshed and they hosts started seeing the new size and I was able to extend the disks on the VMs in vSphere web or thick client after that.


      My question is, will this permanently update the hosts knowledge of the datastore size? Could they go back to thinking the datastore are smaller and shut the VMs down?