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    VSAN on Different Host

    Bilal233 Lurker

      Hi ,

      my question is that , does vSAN will work on diffferent Hosts , like i have 2 Dell R740 and 2 HP Gen 10 Server , will this work or not , all servers are intel based , or should i goes to only HP or Dell in terms of vSAN not Mix and Match .

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          MikeStoica Expert

          Your question is answered here Architecture | vSAN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | VMware 


          Can I mix different hosts, controllers, drives, and so on in a cluster?

          Consistent hardware and software configurations across all hosts in a vSAN cluster are recommended. However, mixing various host configurations in a vSAN cluster is supported as long as all components, firmware versions, drivers and so on are listed in the  VMware Compatibility Guide for Systems/Servers  and  VMware Compatibility Guide for vSAN  for the versions of vSphere and vSAN you are using. This flexibility enables organizations to upgrade and replace hosts and storage in an incremental fashion, which is commonly less expensive and easier than replacing entire storage arrays.



          Recommendation : Implement consistent hardware and software configurations across all hosts in a vSAN cluster. Verify vMotion compatibility across all of the hosts in the cluster - see this VMware Knowledge Base (KB) Article:   Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support  (1003212)  .