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    Monitor rack which is from different network region and having high latency in vROps Management plugin

    Mith11 Novice

      HI Team,


      We are developing Management plugin where we considering the latency for monitoring component is 10 Milliseconds.

      But later on the Possible case was found as below :

      Possible case : The vROps cluster deployed on India Region (network ) and  Rack deployed in Austin Region (network ).

      The latency of RACK from vROps is >= 250 milliseconds. And this latency is two high as we are considering the connection within 10 milliseconds.(for Management pack)



      Is there any way to reduce latency from vROps to the monitoring component. In the scenarios can vROps Remote Collector is the solution to reduce latency ?


      Please suggest on this.


      Note : Developing using vROps SDK 7.0