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    Total Read/Write IOPs from World View

    abugeja Enthusiast

      I have a number of vCenters in the environment and i can display the Total iops for each vCenter in a metric chart graph but how do i go even further and list them all together in a single graph but split it between Read and Write IOPs?

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          dtaliafe Hot Shot

          You can create super metrics to total the read/write IOPs for all the vCenters.  Here's an example for the Read IOPs, assuming you are using the Datastore|Read IOPS metric:

          sum(${adaptertype=VMWARE, objecttype=VMwareAdapter Instance, metric=datastore|numberReadAveraged_average, depth=1})


          Total Write IOPs:

          sum(${adaptertype=VMWARE, objecttype=VMwareAdapter Instance, metric=datastore|numberWriteAveraged_average, depth=1})


          Assign the super metrics to the vSphere World and enable them in the policy.