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    Intra-Domain Migration of vCenter Server 6.5

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      Hi Folks,


      we have a general Active Directory Domain Migration at hand, which means that all AD objects get moved from xy.domain.local to domain.local.


      So we need to migrate the VSCA to its root domain.


      Question 1: We have a Computer Object (Edit: for the VCSA Server) in AD in xy.domain.local. Is there a way to migrate this, or do we have to unconfigure the identity sources/AD-Membership and reconfigure it under the new domain.

      Question 2: Is there a way to preserve the Permissions assigned to AD groups. They are not so many, but it would be nice not to have to build them per pedes again.

      Question 3: Are there any KB Articles i missed, as google-fu is full on master level here if you try 'vcenter' and 'migration' as keywords.


      vCenter Version:


      Edit: Domain and Forrest are on a 2008R2 Level


      Thanks in Advance