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    Linked Clones, disposable disk, pagefile not relocated

    Mickeybyte Enthusiast


      I have created a linked clone desktop pool and specified a disposable disk of 5G to relocate the windows page file. In the master image (Windows Server 2019 LTSC) I set the pagefile with min 2G and max 4G)

      After recompose, the desktops have the correct pagefile settings but on the C-drive instead of the disposable disk.

      Any idea where to look (logs) to find out why it doesn't use the disposable disk?


      Is it even necessary to have the disposable disk, because it's a non-persistent desktop pool which is refreshed at logoff (we're using FSLogix profile containers for user settings)?





      Version info: Horizon 7.9, Master image: W2019 LTSC (version 1809), FSLogix 2.9.7205.27375

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          michiel99 Lurker

          Found something in the logfile %TEMP%\VMWARE\vmware-viewcomposer-ga-new.log on the VDI itself


          2019-12-03 10:25:00,481 [2724] INFO  Guest  -  ["Guest.cpp", 176]  The value of current version is 6.3

          2019-12-03 10:25:00,481 [2724] INFO  Guest  -  ["Guest.cpp", 177]  The value of IsWindowsServer 1

          2019-12-03 10:25:00,481 [2724] INFO  Guest  -  ["Guest.cpp", 184]  The value of buildnumber is 17763

          2019-12-03 10:25:00,481 [2724] INFO  Guest  -  ["Guest.cpp", 187] The is windows server 2019 or windows 10 1803,1809

          2019-12-03 10:25:00,481 [2724] INFO  Ready  -  ["Ready.cpp", 120] Paging is disabled in the guest or win 2019 OS, hence skipping page file relocation verification.

          2019-12-03 10:25:00,481 [2724] INFO  Ready  -  ["Ready.cpp", 128] Running the PostSync script:  with timeout: 20000


          Why does it says "Paging is disabled"???



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            pdudas76 Novice

            Is it a version of windows thing?


            I noticed my 1607 it is still working, but others I have 1803 are not.


            I also have this error in the vmware-viewcomposer-ga-new.log