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    Adding a new host to an NSX prepared cluster

    Jeffery Hawks Enthusiast

      I need to add my first new host an NSX enabled cluster. We are running old v6.3.5, we will upgrade in January actually.


      Anyway it is my understanding that it is a simple process to just drag a new host to an NSX enabled cluster, and the VTEPs, etc are automatically created? We have an VTEP dhcp pool. I assume I need to add the new host to the VDS with the VTEP uplinks first before I drag it into the cluster? Is it really this simple?

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          Bayu Wibowo Master
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          Hi Jeff,


          Yes as per this doc: Add a Host to a Prepared Cluster

          Make sure to add outside of the cluster (standalone host) first and add the host to VDS.

          Once the host is attached to the appropriate VDS for the VTEP/VXLAN, you can then move the host to the cluster prepared for NSX.

          Yes VTEP will be automatically created and IP gets assigned via DHCP in your case.

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