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    LACP (or Etherchannel) on physical switches only

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      I'm currently having the following configuration and getting a little confused:


      We have an ESXi host with 6 pNICs. All of them assigned as uplinks in vDS with a VM Portgroup with "Route based on physical NIC load" and all 6 Active uplinks.

      All 6 pNICs are connected to a single Physical Switch (pSwitch1). This switch is connected to the second Physical Switch (pSwitch2) with LACP using two 10GE ports.

      Several workstations are connected to pSwitch2 and they use some VMs on the ESXi.


      Is this configuration supported at all? Currently traffic from the workstations must pass thru LACP to reach VMs on the ESXi. It 'does' work but can this configuration cause troubles? No LAGs is configured, "IP Hash" is not selected on the portgroup and ESXi basically doesn't know about the existing LACP between switches at all.


      LACP was made to utilize both links otherwise blocked by STP.