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    VCP-2019 or VCP-2020

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      With 2019 coming to a close, I'm wondering how current tests will be viewed towards VCP certification. My nearest testing centers don't have any openings for the VCP 2019 exam until January. Will this exam still be valid at this time? With VMWare going to a dated VCP vertification, when will exams be retired? I don't want to take the 2019 Foundations exam and then not have it count towards a VCP-2020 certification (assuming there will be one for 2020).




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          At the moment, the exams for VCP-DCV 2019 are based on vSphere 6.7.


          For as long as 6.7 remains the current vSphere version, I expect any "2020" label for VCP-DCV would simply be a re-branding exercise.


          I guess this would change as any new version of vSphere is released, then there would be new exams to go with the new certification.


          The timing of any new vSphere version may influence the timing of any "2020" update to the exams/certification.


          I am merely speculating here by the way.