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    upgrade WS pro 10 to 15 due to windows 1903 forced upgrade

    dennis9999 Novice

      Running Win 10 home version 1803. Microsoft has decided I need to upgrade to 1903 for my own good which has already downloaded just waiting for the next reboot. 1903 is not compatible with WS pro version 10. My problem is if I install ws pro 15 and reboot windows 1903 will install at the same time. That will leave me with 2 new upgrades at the same time and if I have any problems I may not know which new upgrade is the problem. I propose to do the following:


      1. Power off my two virtual machines, vista and xp.

      2. Back both of them up.

      3. deinstall ws pro 10.

      4. reboot letting windows 1903 install.

      5. make sure every thing works normally.

      6. install ws pro 15

      7. reboot and make sure everything still works ok.


      Anyone see any problems with this?


      Anyone have a better idea?


      Thanks for your help