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    vmk0 and port group setup with routed based on physical NIC load

    JGillATN Lurker

      My vmk0 (management) which inherits the MAC of a host is attached to a VDS port group that is configured to routed based on physical NIC load.   A number of our vSphere nodes, though not all within a cluster size of 17, are seeing intermittent connectivity/mac flapping between two uplinks.... regardless of the workload on the sever.   It appears that vmk0 is impacted, I am not seeing the same issuers on VMs on the same port group/host, but we haven't run analysis beyond a few hours given that the issue in observation was not occurring.   I changed the port group to failover by explicit order and the issue disappeared, however I slipped the active/standby NIC and at some scale the issues returned.   Any suggestions as to the next steps to diagnose this problem?  Could this be a known issuer with respect to vmk0 and a port group on a distributed vSwitch that is configured to route based on physical NIC load?