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    VMware Workstation 15 Pro - SCCM Task Sequence Serial Number

    JLux77 Lurker

      Good morning all, I am using VMware Workstation 15.5.1 build-15018445. In our organization we image using a task sequence which grabs the serial number from the machine and uses this as the host name. Performing this action in VMware workstation causes issues due to the long UUID number Workstation generates and causes the task sequence to fail. I have seen it's possible to modify the .vmx, but I need to change it in such a way that identifies the machine as belonging to me in the domain. A name I would like would be, say, CZC1234MA-VM1. This would identify it as a VM running on my device.


      Any ideas? Appologies if this post is in the wrong place, this will be my first post.