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    NIC Teaming on vSwitch on HPE Simplivity DL380 Server 4 1gb nics

    CORTEC_IT Lurker

      We have 2 HPE Simplivity blades.   they have 4 1gb nic ports for management and networking and 2 10gbe ports for storage traffic.


      We have vsphere essentials plus 6.7


      They originally configured vSwitch0 for the 4 1 gb nic ports (these 4 are in a LACP Trunk Group on stacked Aruba 2390 switches) as vSwitch0 with "Teaming and Failover" set to "Route based on IP hash" and no traffic shaping.  As far as we can tell we can only get 1gb of throughput on vSwitch0.


      This morning, i did some research and found information in the simplivity deployment guide that said Load balancing could be changed to "Route Based on the originating virtual port", so i made the change.    this killed network access to the unit.   I had to use ILO, Alt F1 on vcenter to get to the command line.  and do a esxcli network vswitch standard policy failover set -l iphash -v vSwitch0 to get the node back up.


      Should this have worked?


      Can Nic teaming be accomplished using vsphere essentials plus v6.7?  if it requires a different license, is it an add on license or an entirely new license?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.