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    NSX Intelligence Installation succeeded but admin user cannot see anything

    KaBalint Novice

      Hello Everyone!


      I am trying to install and get some hands on experience with the brand new NSX-Intelligence, but i've ran into an issue.
      After the successful appliance deployment, when i've open the Plan & Troubleshoot -> Discover & Take Action or Recommendation tabs, it says "The application server is unable to fulfill your request due to insufficient privileges. You do not have the privileges to access NSX Intelligence. (403 Forbidden)". I am trying to reach this view/menu with my default enterprise admin user (admin).
      Actually i also started to debug the issue the time syncron is okay, the checksums of the images also correct, and also started to check the logs, on the web interface i can see the nsx-intelligence certificate at the system tab and there is the nsx-intelligence user too.
      Is there anybody who had experienced something like this?


      Kind Regards,