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    Virtual Machine boots to black screen

    LBrin Novice

      Hello all & TIA for any assistance with figuring this out.

      I recently created a Windows 10 VM, operating on a Windows 10 Host.  It was running fine & I ran all the W10 updates & such, in preparation to add software (machine was running fine at that point).  I moved the VM to a different file location on my computer (accidentally created in the wrong location), and after that the machine will appear to boot, but just goes to a black screen.  I can click inside the window & I get an audible ding & see the spinning logo, but nothing appears to happen. Machine appears to be running in Workstation, but nothing in the window.  I can shut down the guest & it appears to act normally & doesn't produce any errors.  I've attached the log file & would appreciate any clues you can give me.


      W10 Running VM.png