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    Role of NSX

    routing1000 Novice

      Hello Friends,


      Please help me to understand where NSX is playing exactly in Network? i heard from many people that NSX will be at access level i.e. server level but in middle, you will see ACI or legacy multi vendor network.


      Is my understanding correct or something not complete ?


      please let me know.

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          HassanAlKak88 Expert



          It is hard to summarize NSX in a few lines. But as summary NSX is able to:

          • Provide L2 switching using Logical Switches
          • Provide L3 routing using Distributed Logical DLR (East/West traffic)
          • Handle the communication with the external world using Edge Services Gateway (North/South traffic)
          • Provide distributed security and micro-segmentation solution using the Distributed Logical Firewall
          • Intelligent/Dynamic grouping for applying security rules and policies
          • Provide On-Demand load balancer (One arm & In-line mode)
          • VPN Tunneling between NSX and Non-NSX sites..............


          And for more information please check the following: Overview of NSX for vSphere

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            routing1000 Novice



            Thank you for your reply but i was asking where exactly nsx fits in?  Access layer i.e. on servers and then servers or hosts will connect on ACI or legacy network?


            How nsx setup looks like to do routing switching firewalling load balancing so how typical setup looks like if customer buys nsx solution from vmware then customer dont need ACI or legacy setup right ?


            I hope i am able to describe my query well.


            Please help me to understand

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              HassanAlKak88 Expert



              NSX is a software-defined network solution, so all these features and components will be as software on top of ESXi hosts (or KVM host if working with NSX-T).


              For example, you will create a logical router as virtual appliance on top of your virtual environment and this appliance will handle let's say the L3 or LB .... etc.

              And technically and the end also NSX use VXLAN (NSX-V) or GENEVA (NSX-T) as a transport layer with an encapsulation algorithm to move packets between VMs in separate hosts (East/West).