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    Triple Fault when guest (Win7x86) requests DHCP from host's network.

    PJ1999 Lurker

      This started occurring after a Windows update.  First it was due to the haspnt drive being installed.  Uninstalled that and it actually allowed me to log in.  Now every time the NIC requests DHCP info, a triple fault occurs.  If setting the NIC to NAT, it'll grab it's own DHCP fine and still can get on the net with no fault.  Setting the  NIC to host only is fine.  Setting it to Bridged but setting a static IP before doing so works also with no fault.   A work-around would be to just section off the DHCP pool for static addresses for these VMs (more that one have this problem) and give them all statics; however, I would like to avoid a workaround if possible, especially if there's a solution out there.