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    A fault has occurred causing a virtual CPU to enter the shutdown state.

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      my virtual machine crashes with the following error message:



      This has been happening since about May 2019, either since the update of Windows 10 from 1809 to 1903 or any update after that. Possibly also after the update of the VMWareTools. It happens about once or twice a week, mostly about two minutes after the first start of the virtual machine, when I start Visual Studio 2017. In September it also happened several times. Once it happened about 20 minutes after the start of the virtual machine. Another time it happened when rebooting the VM, after I had previously updated VS 2017 inside the VM. If it happens, it only happens once a day. I can reboot the VM and then use the VM normally for the rest of the day. In the task manager of the host system you can see that all logical cores are used. The entry featMask.vm.cpuid.PCID="Max:0" in the vmx file did not help.


      There are no matching crash time entries in the Event Viewer, not on the host, and not in the VM.


      Notebook Sony VAIO
      Windows 8.1 Home x64
      8 GB RAM
      i7-3632QM 4 Cores, 8 logical processors
      > 100 GB free space on SSD drive C: where the VM is.
      VMWare Workstation Player 15.5.1-15018445


      Windows 10 Pro 1909 x64
      4 GB RAM
      4 processors
      'Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI' enabled
      > 100 GB free space on drive C:
      VMWare Tools


      What seems strange to me is that in the registry of the host the entry 'FeatureSet' has an invalid value according to Windows.




      Are there any log files I can check?


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