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    vRA 7.6 Stuck in Progress.. for days

    Emanoel_Krieger Novice

      Hello Folks,


      Please help with this weird problem:


      After successful provision and power on an blueprint/deployment, tenant admin cannot manage, actions stuck for hours and days in progress and never completes. For example, power off, take snapshot, destroy. Everything stuck with no error message for days in progress. Please see the screenshot attached.


      Here are the environment details:


      Site 1 -> vCenter 6.5.0 (Build 8307201)

      Site 2 -> vCenter 6.5.0 (Build 8307201)

      vCenter in Enhanced Linked Mode same SSO Domain


      VRA Version: 7.6.0 (Build: 13027133)

      VRA architecture enterprise distributed small (no load balancer).

      Commercial Certificates.


      VRA appliance / embedded orchestrator -



      IaaS web server -



      IaaS manager server -



      DEM 01 -



      Agent 01, 02 -

      iaas-agnt-01.domain.com -> vCenter site 1

      iaas-agnt-02.domain.com -> vCenter site 2


      Thanks in advance for your attention on this. Regards.