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    Intel Optane 905P VS Samsung 983 ZET best performance for running many Virtual Machines in vSphere simultaneously

    tmc1284 Lurker

      I am looking to purchase two premium SSD's that will give the best performance for running many Virtual Machines simultaneously on vSphere. The two that I am looking at are the Intel Optane 905P and Samsung 983 ZET. I have seen some conflicting information on websites that compare them, and cannot find any websites that compare them for the sole use of running virtual machines.


      I will be running as many as 50 Virtual Machines on vSphere simultaneously with Windows installed on them and the applications that will consume the most resources on all of them will be chrome and other browsers.


      Also, is it true that purchasing two of the same 1TB SSD's would provide better performance than one 2TB SSD if the majority of the disk(s) space would be occupied by the VM's running Windows when I want to run as many VM's as possible simultaneously?


      Or, are there other SSD's that I should be looking at instead of these that are better suited for running many VM's with Windows simultaneously?


      I would appreciate any advice. I am willing to pay a premium for the best performance.