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    Win10.0.16299 on Linux host - "Display Driver failed to start..."  How to fix?

    Frank616 Novice

      Tried to update my Win10 Home virtual machine to 1903 (it had been running 1809).  Got most of the way through it, but it finally choked with video driver issues and it will no longer start.  I went back to an older saved copy of the VM, Windows 10.0.16299 that was 'clean' and working when I saved it.  However, now I am getting the above error message when I open it, along with a note that it is using the MS basic driver, and that I should update the driver.  Win10 16299 opens and runs, but in a tiny little box on my 4K screen, and I see no way to expand it.


      I am using Workstation Player 15.5.1, and just installed the latest tools for this VM as well.  Does this not install the latest video driver for the VM?


      Host OS is Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE running on a Dell Precision 7720 and I am using the Nvidia 390.116 driver.


      How can I get this to run in a much larger window again?  Once I get that fixed, then I'll try to update this older saved VM up to 1903.


      I own licenses for VMWare 6, 7 and 8 (full versions), but I let them lapse as I just don't use a VM that much anymore.