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    VMware WS 15.5.0: "VMware Workstation failed to start the VMware Authorization Service"

    candidesh Novice


      my host machine is Win10 V1909. After this Win-Update around 7 days ago my VM with Win10 32bit doesn't start anymore


      2019-11-25_Pic010-VMware WS-Startfehler.jpg

      Manually starting doesn't help:

      2019-11-25_Pic011-VMware WS-Startfehler NOCH nach manuellem Start des Dienstes VMware Authorizations Service.jpg

      Even with this error code 6000009 I find no solution. In community-support I found a suggestion to repeat the VMware installation.

      VMware Install-file is: VMware-workstation-full-15.5.0-14665864.exe

      2019-11-25_Pic012-VMware WS-Setup gestartet um Repair auszuführen.jpg

      click OK then:

      2019-11-25_Pic013-VMware WS-Setup gestartet - ended prematurely.jpg


      2019-11-25_Pic014-transport (VMDB) error -14 Pipe connection has been broken.jpg


      2019-11-25_Pic014-Version mismatch with vmx86 driver expecting 385.0 got 308.0.jpg

      So the repair crashs. I also found a hint for the file vmx86.sys

      2019-11-25_Pic015-sc query vmkbd3_V02.jpg

      There are a couple of this file, maybe because I updated a while ago from VMware Workstation 12:

      2019-11-25_Pic016-vmx86.sys mehrere Dateien vorhanden_V02.jpg


      I think the Win10-update 1909 is responsible for the issues but I found no solution

      Anyone with same problem solved?