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    VMWare Workstation 15 continuously breaks clipboard for host and guests

    Kilroy_Bukowski Lurker

      I was running an ubuntu host, I kept having more and more clipboard issues but I didnt remember ever having clipboard issues when running a windows 10 host.  As much as I hate windows and how it makes zero sense to use a 200 running process burden as my ,host but I did it because lack of clipboard services has cost me 100's of hours of lost time over the last two years and enough was enough.


      So I upgraded to Win10, it wrote a signature on my backup drive and wiped out the partition, unrecoverable and only to find I have the same issues, I lost all my data for no reason other than vmware has a massive flaw that affects simple daily operations.  Clipboard doesnt work at all between host and guest, isolation tools are disabled.  I remove and reinstall open-vm-tools and it doesnt help, sometimes when I do it, if I reboot, clipboard will work between host and guest for a few minutes before failing again.


      Whats worse is the VMWare clipboard hijack that occurs, it actually breaks clipboard within my host, eventually after a few days of running, clipboard no longer works, even host to host(self).  I would blame Ubuntu or I would blame windows but clearly in this case, where I have ruled out the OS, the culprit is VMWare. 


      I dont see anything from VMWare online, just a bunch of users like me without answers for this bug and a bunch of people recommending to reinstall vmware tools.  The problem clearly appears to be getting worse and worse with whatever updates VMWare has been making to Workstation15.


      This is my 3rd version of VMWare workstation to buy but at this point it has cost me way more time and frustration than it has actually helped, I am at a net negative from this clipboard bug alone as I work documentation and marketing materials extensively but have to rely on services like Slack as my clipboard between host and guest until clipboard stops working host/host.


      Does anyone have a real answer for how to fix this or VMWare's plans for a long term solution.  Does anyone even have a bug tracker that shows that VMWare is even aware of this issue?  I see it all over the Internet but that doesnt mean VMWare has acknowledged it.


      Any assist is appreciated, I am so beyond frustrated with this product at this point.