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    Running a Guest from two Windows 10 User IDs.

    gbohn Enthusiast



      I'm running Workstation 15.1 on a Windows 10 Host. I normally start a Guest locally (using the Workstation UI) and interact with it full-screen.


      I would like to be able to start a Guest from one User-id, then Switch to another local Windows User (disconnecting from the original users Windows account and login as a different user) and be able to use/control the still running Guest from this other second user-id.


      Both User IDs have access to the Guest virtual machines files (vmdk, vmx, etc.).

      I tried this (including ending the launching Workstation UI while leaving the VM running from the first user-id), and the Guest VM doesn't show up in the User interface for Workstation on the second users Windows session.


      I tried starting the Workstation UI program (in the first users Windows session) with the credentials of the second user and starting the Guest that way. But when switching over to the second user and launching the Workstation UI things still don't work.


      I can (one at a time) start and control the Guest from either ID alone (only accessing it from the ID that started it).


      Is there a way to control/use an instance of  a running guest from either ID?